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On this page, you’ll discover why CertainTeed has earned the endorsement of Northwest Indiana’s leading contractors and is uniquely qualified to offer you the best home improvement value.

CertainTeed is the industry leader in developing and manufacturing home improvement supplies that include shingles, roofing components, insulation, siding, and other contractor-grade solutions.

Certainteed Shingles & The Shingle Master Contractor


As an area market specialist, CertainTeed engineers and manufactures its Great Lakes products and solutions specifically for the Midwest’s extreme winters and summers.

 As an innovation leader, CertainTeed is uniquely qualified to earn the recommendation of Northwest Indiana’s senior-level contractors.

The CertainTeed product portfolio offers the widest variety of design and color options in the industry.  When installed by a ShingleMaster contractor, CertainTeed products are backed by an industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty, allowing you to rest confidently and comfortably for years to come.


CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed innovates home improvement supplies with focus on Northwest Indiana

We can’t think of a better way of sharing our enthusiasm for CertainTeed’s family of home improvement solutions than to start with CertainTeed roofing. It’s where we first started working with CertainTeed!

In Northwest Indiana, success comes with paying your dues. Kusiak Construction started as a roofer that operated out of a Highland garage nearly twenty-five years ago. Kusiak eventually grew to become the region’s complete home improvement company—and they earned it one customer at a time.

CertainTeed helped Kusiak build its reputation by offering the contractor and their customer’s outstanding roofing shingles and roof components. As Kusiak’s reputation grew, so did CertainTeed’s.


Landmark Roofing

CertainTeed's Landmark sets the standards in Northwest Indiana and the name contractors can trust

CertainTeed offers a roofing portfolio in a wide range of options to fit Northwest Indiana’s diverse market.

While CertainTeed offers something for most budgets, it was the Landmark Roofing Series that seemed to fit most hard-working families. The Landmark Roofing line seems to exemplify folks in Lake and Porter County. Hard-working, with strong values, and capable of handling almost anything.

The tried-and-true landmark shingle comes in a choice of good-better-best, engineering specified for severe weather conditions, and universally loved CertainTeed shingle colors.

Certainteed Landmark Shingles

landmark shingles

CertainTeed Landmark set the standards as the architectural laminate roofing shingle in Northwest Indiana. While it’s the bang-for-your-buck and reliability that make the CertainTeed Landmark the choice of the region, it’s the appearance that will leave your neighbors green with envy!

The Landmark Shingle was designed to replicate the appearance of cedar shake roofing. Furthermore, landmark shingle colors come with an array of choices that complement any trim, stucco, or siding.

Seeing is believing. To get started, visit the Kusiak Roofing Page and browse through the Landmark Brochure. Continue your customer journey by making an appointment with the Kusiak Planning Center or schedule to have an estimator bring out samples when your roof is appraised.


CertainTeed Siding

landmark siding installed by NWI's Kusiak Construction

The home improvement solution that effectively transforms your home is upgrading your siding; CertainTeed leads the industry in selection, style, and innovation.

Of course, there are many companies that make stylish siding options. But what differentiates CertainTeed is the technology and quality that maintains its fresh look.

As a complete home improvement company that works with almost every brand of siding, Dave Kusiak of Kusiak Construction loves to offer his customers CertainTeed siding—especially the line of CertainTeed vinyl siding. According to Kusiak, “CertainTeed stands out as the siding with curb appeal that lasts!”

Vinyl Siding

When it comes to style and color, CertainTeed’s vinyl siding is as smart as it is gorgeous. CertainTeed vinyl siding offers the durability to handle Lake County and Porter County winters and summers with the industry’s most diverse offering of fade-resistant colors and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Choose from maintenance-free classic clapboard, shiplap, beaded, shakes, or shingle profiles in many styles, widths, and textures.

 Browse through Kusiak’s colorful brochures found on their website’s siding page. The Kusiak Planning Center offers customers an opportunity to carouse through the endless siding options. Ready for an estimate? Kusiak’s estimators can bring a swatch of endless options and help you make an informed decision. It’s all about having options—and CertainTeed’s lineup of vinyl siding is the perfect solution for your home improvement journey.

CertainTeed Insulation

CertainTeed insulation comes in many variations. Kusiak uses different CertainTeed products throughout the home.

Forward-thinking insulation combined with best-practice insulation installation is a game changer when you live in Lake County or Porter County. The best contractors in Northwest Indiana come with experience in working with existing homes. In effect, they are familiar with local construction practices. They are trained to modify your ventilation system and choose the right insulation for the task.

According to the article, “Guide to Attic Insulation | Solutions for NWI,” the best solution is to integrate your insulation installation with your existing roofing system, attic, electrical, and other variables. Be wary of anyone that suggests insulation installation without inspecting your attic’s existing insulation and ventilation system.

CertainTeed Insulation offers NWI homeowners the most complete line of insulation products that work together to ensure every customer enjoys maximum comfort while assuring the homeowner’s family is safe and healthy!

CertainTeed Blown Insulation

CertainTeed Blown Insulation fits most NWI existing homes

| CertainTeed’s complete line of insulation allows contractors like Kusiak Construction to choose the best insulation solution for the task. The best choice is determined by your home’s existing requirements.

While Kusiak recommends using a variety of insulation types and correspondingly keeps them in their warehouse, the most popular insulation that perfectly suits NWI is CertainTeed’s blown-in insulation.

Blown-in insulation is a pneumatic installation. It is insulation blown into place with the help of a blowing machine.  Also called “loose-fill,” this fiberglass insulation is energy efficient and useful for insulating most existing Northwest Indiana homes. It is useful for hard-to-cover spaces such as sloped ceilings, floors, walls, and attic areas.


CertainTeed Warranty

warranties protect the homeowner's family

A warranty is similar to a given person’s promise. Everyone has a warranty, but the actual coverage can vary from one contractor to the next. Furthermore, a warranty is void if it is not correctly installed.

This is why CertainTeed certifies its best contractors with a ShingleMaster certification. All CertainTeed-quality building products are fully warranted. But for complete peace of mind, pursue a ShingleMaster contractor. CertainTeed empowers these contractors with additional coverage. To learn about warranties for specific products, choose a product grouping:

Kusiak is a ShingleMaster Contractor. As a Tenured ShingleMaster roofer, Kusiak’s CertainTeed shingles carry 10 Year-SureStart Protection. The warranty fully covers your shingles during the early years following installation. You’re wholly protected in the event of a manufacturing defect!

CertainTeed Warranty

A shingleMaster installation assures the installation is right and even improves the warranty coverage

CertainTeed shingles offer more than the industry’s best performance; they also come with the best warranty coverage!

CertainTeed Roofing Warranty | But the industry’s best warranty becomes truly exceptional when the shingles are installed by credentialed contractors like Kusiak Construction.

As a Tenured ShingleMaster Roofer, Kusiak’s CertainTeed shingles carry 10 Year-SureStart Protection. The warranty fully covers your shingles during the early years following installation. You’re wholly protected in the event of a manufacturing defect!

Warranty Coverage up to 50 Years

CertainTeed's family of home improvement supplies

But for customers that want confidence for life, there is additional coverage called the CertainTeed 4-Star Warranty. As a CertainTeed-Credentialed Contractor, Kusiak Construction is exclusively authorized to offer you additional confidence with a SureStart PLUS 4-Star Protection. This takes CertainTeed’s traditional SureStart protection and extends coverage for up to 50 years. That means in the event of a manufacturing defect, you are fully covered! View the Homeowner’s Guide to Understanding Warranties.   Read More

CerainTeeds Warranty

Residential Roofing

4-Star 50-Year Warranty

Vinyl Siding

Building Insulation

Certified Confidence – Homeowners Guide to Contractors License, Insurance and Bonding


Where to Buy CertainTeed in Northwest Indiana

The Kusiak Planning Center makes shopping for CertainTeed simple.

While CertainTeed’s performance and values fit Northwest Indiana like a glove, it’s their focus on partnering with the industry’s best contractors that assure their products are optimized and properly installed.

CertainTeed distinguishes the nation’s best roofers, such as Northwest Indiana’s Kusiak Construction, through a certification they call a “ShingleMaster.” Only the best roof contractors make the grade. A ShingleMaster Roof Contractor must maintain the highest standards, invest in ongoing training, maintain a strong reputation, and use the finest materials.

Kusiak first earned its stature as a ShingleMaster Contractor back in 2010. Since then, the company has retained its tenured membership in this elite class of roofing contractors. Kusiak is also recognized as a “Master Shingle Applicator Wizard.”

Certified Confidence

Kusiak is a certified CertainTeed contractor with the addition confidence of exceeding license, bonding and insurance requirements

Discover certified confidence with Kusiak Construction, CertainTeed’s certified contractor with certified confidence.

Your Protection, Our Promise  

 Kusiak Construction |   License, Insurance and Bonding

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