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Roofing Repair Service

Dave Kusiak established Kusiak Construction as a roofer and a roof repair expert. For Kusiak, Roof repairs and maintenance require commitment from a dedicated team. His roof repair team is a separate team from his roofers & home improvement team because roof maintenance takes focused expertise.

Roof Repairs | Dedicated to Roof Maintenance

Kusiak’s expert roofing contractors can take care of everything from leaks, cracked shingles, damaged wood, holes and more. Services also include gutter repairs and cleaning.

Roof Inspections

Insurance companies from Porter County and Lake County have learned to trust Kusiak Roofing Repair experts because when a roof is damaged from the elements, nobody beats the expertise in helping people find affordable solutions.



From start to finish… helping people with solutions throughout their customer journey.

Dave Kusiak has always established his brand for his passion for helping people find win-wins and best-practice solutions. The Kusiak Construction website is dedicated to providing homeowners with answers to their searches. From your earliest searches long before your ready to search, “roof replacement near me” or “renovation near me”, you can count on Dave Kusiak to be there to meet you with answers. When you’re ready for help… Kusiak will be there!

What materials are needed to repair a roof?

Materials Required

  • #15 or #30 Felt underlayment.
  • Asphalt shingles.
  • Drip edge.
  • Hook blades.
  • Roofing nails.
  • Sealant.
  • Self-adhesive waterproof underlayment (“ice and water shield”)
  • Staples.

How can you tell if a roofing job is bad?

Five Common Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

  1. Missing drip edge flashing. A drip edge is a flashing material that contractors must install at the edges of your roof. …
  2. Your roof doesn’t have a uniform appearance. Many people rarely look at their roofs. …
  3. Improper roof shingle nailing. …
  4. Reusing old flashing material. …
  5. Rotted roof decking.

What type of roofing is cheapest?

Asphalt Shingles

1. Asphalt Shingles. If what you’re looking for is the least-expensive roofing material, asphalt shingles are certainly the best option for you. The cost per square (about 9.2 square metres) of asphalt shingles ranges from about $70-$160, making it the cheapest option for your roof.

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