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21 Jun

Northwest Indiana Roofing Contractor Blows Roof off of Deception!

Replacing a roof is typically one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make. With Porter & Lake County’s blistering summers, bitterly cold winters, and lake effect hail storms, every homeowner will eventually need to hire a roof contractor. However, according to one of Northwest Indiana’s longest-running roofing contractors, area homeowners are being targeted by […]

12 Jan

Guide to Attic Insulation | Heat Cost Solutions for NWI

This winter will be bitter cold and the average winter heating bill will be through the roof! With heating bills expected to climb over 33 percent, the region will be rushing to discover heat-cost solutions. To make matters worse, the supply chain issues that caused the high cost of energy are causing shortages in the […]

7 May

Confessions of a Roofer | FAQ with Kusiak & Contractor Bob

I think you’ll agree, Northwest Indiana winters and summers can be punishing to your home’s roof. People from Lake County and Porter County often search for answers and solutions related to roofing and roof repairs, especially with the ice damming caused by last winter’s severe cold and snow. To make matters worse, last summer’s extreme […]

20 Jan

Window Replacement | The Essential Guide for Northwest Indiana

I think you’ll agree, with Northwest Indiana’s extreme weather conditions, making the right decision regarding window replacement is more than just a home improvement. It’s an investment! Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient models can really pay off in both your home’s curb appeal and energy savings. Replacements may also improve your home’s resale value! […]

22 Dec

The remarkable story of how businesses drive to Hammond to fight hunger, but instead discover Angels

In this video, you’ll see the heart-warming presentation and remarkable story of how businesses make the drive to Hammond to fight hunger, but instead, they discover angels.    It started when Kusiak was given a second chance…   According to the article, Perma-Green Join’s Kusiak’s Drive to Fight Hunger in NWI, The food drive was the […]